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Review of NEWSHOESHOP.CLUB is it a fraud or is it legit? Don't fall into a scam.

NEWSHOESHOP.CLUB Highly suspicious

Summary is a danger. It is a danger to order anything from them. A list of facts worth to keep in mind


NEWSHOESHOP.CLUB screenshot uses extensively pages linking to the website to distinguish lawful eshops. pages linking to the website are naturally produced on the Web. Google will use them too.Only a New website or a scam website has zero pages linking to the website. It is super abnormal

No SSL is dangerous. A hacker can run off with data between clients and Businesses. genuine Businesses always use SSL. They are downgraded by Google if they don't. has no encryption. it is a very bad question. A criminal usually has no time to properly set up a secured system. your facts are at risk. your credit card will be retained by criminal and reused later on.

Real online shops do their best to set up a proper electronic mail Server to communicate with their users and other businesses. it is to properly install a electronic mail server. It must be properly set up to avoid being seen as has no mail server. It cannot send mail with its brand name. This is a real problem and a bad indication. Check if you can find a phone number

Fraud web sites have a short longevity. We check when a company could have been created. if the web site is too young, it is a bad indication if it is old, it is a positive is super new. It is a bad indication.

Club is an exotic extension (TLD) . They do not indicate anything. a large fraction uses them for perfectly legitimate activities. Some could be used by a criminal. uses it.


Secured connection

This website has no SSL (https). SSL is crucial for any online shop. It protects its visitor from middleman attacks, and it keeps all communications encrypted. This is a very bad sign.

We found no traces of suspicious codes on NEWSHOESHOP.CLUB. We used previously confirmed, fake websites to find a pattern. This is a good sign.


Email server

This website has no mail server. This makes no sense and is a bad sign.

Creation date

it is a recent address. It is usually a bad sign. Most scam web sites use new domain names. It can be however a new business. Give them a phone call.