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All (or almost all) the tests we have performed on JITUN.INFO have been negatives. We do NOT recommend buying anything from this website. Remember: when it is too good to be true, it is always the case on the Internet that it is not true. If you need a specific product, please check the competitors.

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Secured connection

This website has no SSL (https). SSL is crucial for any online shop. It protects its visitor from middleman attacks, and it keeps all communications encrypted. This is a very bad sign.

Suspicious code

We found traces of suspicious codes on JITUN.INFO. This makes no sense for an e-commerce. It has been found on previously confirmed, fake websites. Be very, very cautious. This is a seriously bad sign.

Email server

This website has no mail server. This makes no sense and is a bad sign.

Creation date

it is a recent address. It is usually a bad sign. Most scam web sites use new domain names. It can be however a new business. Give them a phone call.