Review of GREATSHOES.PL is it a fraud or is it legit? Don't fall into a scam.
GREATSHOES.PL screenshot

Review of GREATSHOES.PL is it a fraud or is it legit? Don't fall into a scam.




We have found information about it seems safe and sound uses pages linking to the website to label genuine eshops. pages linking to the website are spontaneously made on Internet. a search engine will use them backlinks is super strange. Only completely new website or it is scam website have no backlinks. Stay very alert.

No SSL is dangerous. A criminal can loot data between users and Businesses. legit Businesses always use SSL. They are downgraded by Google if they don't. We found no SSL on it is a very strange. your facts are at risk. your visa can be retained by hacker and reused later on. Paypal, Stripe and many other financial companies force genuine Businesses to use SSL

Email server is the first thing you install when you start a business. it is but amongst the first tools you need for doing business. it is to correctly install a mail server. A badly configured one will be seen as a source of has a email server. it is a good signal. lawful online stores need a email server. However it is not enough

Fraud web sites don't last for long. They have a short life span. Only genuine eshops will be online for more than 4 months. checks when a shop was started. If the shop is too recent, it is a bad is very young. It is a bad indication.

Pl is an exotic extension (TLD) . They do not indicate anything. a large fraction uses them for perfectly legitimate activities. Some could be used by a criminal. uses it.

Secured connection

This website is protected by SSL (https). SSL is crucial for any online shop. It protects its visitor from middleman attacks, and it keeps all communications encrypted. Please note that this is only a good sign. It does not guarantee that this website is a legit business.

Suspicious code

We found no traces of suspicious codes on GREATSHOES.PL. We used previously confirmed, fake websites to find a pattern. This is a good sign.

Email server

This website has a mail server. This is a good sign, but not a guarantee. If you are hesitant, simply send an email.

Creation date

it is a recent address. It is usually a bad sign. Most scam web sites use new domain names. It can be however a new business. Give them a phone call.